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Joshua's Game

Joshua's Game is a special edition card game that we made especially for people called Joshua or Josh.

This entertaining little card game is totally themed around the name Joshua. From the box through to every card, it's a Joshua thing through and through. And that makes it a really neat little present for anyone you know who is called Joshua.


The card includes every kind of Joshua you could think of: people from the worlds of sport, politics, music and celebrity called Joshua or Josh. Plus a few oddballs and eccentrics called Joshua thrown in for good measure. Each of them gets his own short biography detailing the achievements that they've clocked up so far. It's a whole universe of Joshuas and a novel gift for anyone called Joshua or Josh.

The game play follows a traditional format that's wholesome, enjoyable and proven. So even though the cards have had "the Joshua treatment", the underlying game is a reliable source of fun.

If you have friends or relatives called Josh or Joshua then this is something he should have!

Age Recommendation: 8 to adult

Number of Players: 3 or more

Box Size: Approximately 4.8" x 0.6" x 3.6" (inches)

Box Weight: Approximately 5 ounces.

Shipping for this item typically takes around 3 weeks.

Game Contents: The box contains everything you need to play. The box contains 72 cards (including cards for playing, cards with instructions and others).

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