The Card Games People

About Us is a family business that's operated by a fun-loving family who are mad about games!

Here's a little bit about us:      



Founder and CEO

(Also known as Dad). Dad founded the business a quarter of a century ago.

Super young at heart, he's an endless source of indescribably awful Dad jokes and truly great games! 

When he's not making games for the family business here at, he designs games for other games companies too.

The Boss

(Also known as Mom). Dad will invent a new game in the morning, make up a prototype and sit down to test it out on Mom at lunch. Mom then beats Dad every time. Every time. No kidding.  Unbeatable at card games, she's a natural born winner, the 'queen of our hearts' and just totally 'ace'!

Junior Management

Not simply our pride and joy, these are also our priceless little play-testers. 

Intelligent, discerning, insightful and insatiably hungry, Junior Management can sniff out the tiniest, subtlest flaws in our CEO's greatest ideas....and do it in just a few seconds flat.

When you buy a game from us, you can be sure it's been tested by the toughest testers in the known world.....and passed.