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World's Largest Card Game Promotion


The prices on the promo page are $7.99 which is the regular price. You will need to enter a discount code at checkout to reduce the price you pay. We recommend that you read this section before continuing:

The first 299 games in this promotion will be discounted to $2.99 - you need to use the checkout code 299 to get that discount. $2.99 is your total price, there are no hidden charges. Remember that there are only 299 games available at that price.

When those 299 games are sold, we're offering a further 309 games at $3.09 and you can claim that discount (until the 309 games are sold) with the code 309.

Next up we're offering 319 games at $3.19 each and if you are quick enough, you can use code 319 to get that deal price.

After that it's 329 games at $3.29 then 339 games at $3.39 and so it goes on. The complete list of codes is 299, 309, 319, 329, 339, 349, 359, 369, 379, 389, 399, 409, 419, 429, 439, 449, 459, 469, 479, 489, 499, 509, 519, 529, 539, 549, 559, 569, 579, 589, 599, 609, 619, 629, 639, 649, 659, 669, 679, 689, 699, 709, 719, 729, 739, 749, 759, 769, 779 and finally 789.

You can keep trying codes until you get lucky. (We'll keep this page updated as best we can).

The codes go live on 18th November. They are not valid prior to that time.

From 18th November onwards: If one code doesn't work then we've sold out that allocation and you need to try another code.

There's a maximum limit of 6 discounted games per person (you may be able to place an order for more but any such order will later be cancelled). Please tell your friends and family about this amazing offer so they can benefit too!

Remember: THE SOONER YOU BUY, THE LESS YOU PAY. Don't let other people get these deals!

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