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George's Game

Recently reprinted, updated and improved! George's Game is the definitive fun gift for anyone who goes by the name of George.

Unlike regular personalized gifts, this compelling personalized gift has a wealth of detailed info about the name George, the origins of the name and a slew of notable George's through history. From groovy Georges to great Georges and all kinds of Georges in between - this is totally George thing from start to finish..

Like all the games in this range, George's game comes readymade and has been professionally designed. Some people think this is a range of games that can be customized - but that's not so. We've done all the work for you already - George's Game is ready to go. All you need to do is place your order.

George's Game is suitable as a gift for any occasion. It's appropriate to use George's Game to stuff a stocking or as a 'little extra' gift item for Christmas. Alternatively it works well as a birthday gift or anytime that you need to give your George a gift that's both unique to him and entertaining too!

And just like the other games in the 'Games with Names' range, George's Game ships with a complimentary sheet of Goerge themed gift wrap paper. (It's got the word George printed all over it. With the gift wrap included, it's easy for you to create a great looking gift for the special George in your life.

(Please know that we do not send the game wrapped. That's not a service we offer. We send you the game and the gift wrap paper and you do the wrapping).


Age Recommendation: 8 to adult

Number of Players: 3 or more

Box Size: Approximately 4.8" x 0.6" x 3.6" (inches)

Box Weight: Approximately 5 ounces.

Shipping for this item typically takes around 3 weeks. If you need it faster you may be able to purchase it here on Amazon.

Game Contents: The box contains everything you need to play. The box contains 72 cards (including cards for playing, cards with instructions and others).

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