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60th Birthday Game

The 60th Birthday Game is a new card game that's designed as a great little gift for sixtieth birthdays.

Decorated, themed and covered in all things 60, this little game has just the right feel for the big day.

The cards contain all  manner of facts, trivia and tidbits about 60, 60th birthdays, being 60 and just about everything possible related to this landmark moment in life.


 Suitable as a little 60th birthday gift or "little extra", the idea of the game is (appropriately enough) to be the first person to "HIT 60"! The game is pretty simple and it's not recommended that you organize a whole party around it.

Even if the game isn't played, the person turning 60 can still flick through the cards and see all the bits and pieces of trivia related to the big six zero!

Accompanying the game in the package that you will receive is a folded sheet of gift wrap. The wrap is covered in 60s. This makes it easy for you to wrap the game in something suitable and give it in an attractive and appealing looking way.

The 60th Birthday Game is a must for anyone turning 60!


 Age Recommendation: Suitable for all ages to play, intended as a gift for 60 year olds.

Number of Players: 3 or more

Box Size: Approximately 4.8" x 0.6" x 3.6" (inches)

Box Weight: Approximately 5 ounces.

Shipping for this item typically takes around 3 weeks.

Game Contents: The box contains everything you need to play. The box contains 72 cards (including cards for playing, cards with instructions and others).

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